Posterior & Anterior restorations by BioClear - Dr. Marco Maiolino

390.000 Ft
Cikkszám: DRVDTMaolino

Date: 2024. március 1.-2. péntek - szombat
Course trainer: Dr. Marco Maiolino
Credit: 16 

Budapest, Hotel Tiliana, 1021  Budapest, Hárshegyi út 1-3.

All participants will receive a gift box containing 100.000huf worth of bioclear products!

I love this approach cause it's much more centered on a long term outcome and not just on esthetics . There is a huge reduction of clinical complications and the technique , also , is possible in almost all cases of a normal dental office
- Marco Maiolino -


The first day is focused on posterior restorations : you will learn ho to prepare modern Class II efficient for composite restorations , how to avoid stains and pigmentation of the margins, how to improve adhesion in challenging cases , how to avoid biomechanical complications like cusp fracture over the time , how to manage deep cases minimizing risk of endodontic treatment , how to manage subgingival decay , how to avoid loose interproximal contacts . You have several hands on to learn

Day 1
The Bioclear method
Setting goals in every day dentistry
The five steps of the method .
Hands on : shaping cavity and restoration of a classII on a molar
Hands on : shaping cavity and restoration of MOD cavity
Hand on : back to back restoration of adjacent classII
Management of complex cavities
Hand on : restoration of a complex cavity .

The second day is focused on anterior restorations and mostly hands on , starting from class III and injection molding we will dive into managing diastema avoiding the risk of mid line cant, We will also cover black triangle management , the correct use of root overlay.

Day 2
Choosing the right matrix for anterior
Hand on : class III on anterior
Hands on : diastema management of single tooth
Hands on : diastema management of adjacent teeth
Hands on : Black triangle restoration
The use of root overlay and consideration on shaping overloaded restorations
Hand on : Root overlay + Full Veneer


At the beginning of the course we will explain the Bioclear method with its 5 steps

-substrate management

-cavity design


-injection molding